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I’ve tried listing my property and nothing happened. I was very skeptical of hiring a realtor. We came across CashNvestors from a referral. We contacted CashNvestors they were very pleasing to speak to. We invited them down to our property. From the beginning we felt very comfortable. After the guys at CashNvestors walked through my house they ran some numbers on the spot and showed me thoroughly what the houses are being sold in that area for the square footage that I had. And they presented me the offer within 24 hours. I was very happy with the offer and we ended up closing escrow in 7 days. We had to make special arrangements because I was in the middle of selling my Crepe business and also moving out to Oregon for retirement. So we stayed an additional 2 months before we moved. I love CashNvestors and what they are doing. Great group of guys to work with!

Marianne Narusiewics (Lomita, CA)

My brother and I just had my father pass away. And the property we had inherited was in probate. So we got in touch with the folks at CashNvestors. We had a talk over the phone we asked them some questions. At that point we felt comfortable with them and decided to move forward. They came to our property, did a visual inspection and offered a price right on the spot to buy our inherited property as is. We were very happy with the figure and decided to move forward. We are very grateful this all worked out perfectly.

Gabriel Barrientos & Alfonso Barrientos (Whittier, CA)

I was in the process of loosing my home. I had a sale date coming up in a few weeks. I exercised all of my options. I was under water with my property. So I got in touch with the people from CashNvestors were very nice, knowledgeable and they treated me with a ton of respect, they told me that I have a few options. So I got a really good offer from them and moved forward with selling my property to CashNvestors.

Maria R. Mchenry (Perris, CA)

The people at CashNvestors reached out to me when I was in the process of selling my property. My house had an illegal addition and no lender would finance my property to the new buyer. So CashNvestors came and offered me a CASH that offer I couldn’t refuse. Thank you CashNvestors for making this process very smooth. I’ve referred CashNvestors to my friends and family.

Teresa Fernandez (Carson, CA)

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