No Commissions, No Fees, No Closing Costs

We’re ready to buy your house directly and hassle-free!

Many different people!

  • People who have inherited property and need or want to sell quickly
  • People who live out of state
  • People who are relocating and need to sell their house quickly
  • People who own property in need of many costly repairs and without the financial ability, time or desire to make the repairs
  • People who had their listing expire without the sale of their home
  • People going through a divorce and need to sell their house quickly
  • People who are behind on payments and/or are facing foreclosure
  • People who have vacant investment properties
  • People who cannot afford the real estate taxes
  • People who have investment property with problem renters
  • People who need to sell their property quickly for any other reason
  • People who are upside down, or with very little equity

Regardless of the repairs needed or tenancy problems, CashNvestors buys houses for cash, and can close at your conveyance.

Any house in need of repair is what we mean by “distressed” house. Sometimes people find themselves in an “distressed situation,” i.e. foreclosure, divorce, loss of job, probate, etc., and they must sell their house quickly and for cash.

No, CashNvestors is not a real estate agency looking to list your home and charge you commissions or fees for it. We are residential property investors that buy homes by helping homeowners get a quick cash offer.

You are not under any obligation to sign our cash offers on your home without your agreement. The offer delivered to you after initial inquiry is to let you know how much CashNvestors is ready to pay for your home if it is purchased for cash and in its present condition.

Yes, of course! We buy “As Is” and make sure you get a good price without having to make any repairs. With CashNvestors, you won’t have to put on a fresh coat of paint, install new carpet, fix roofs, remodel kitchens, or upgrade bathrooms. We are ready to buy your home in its present condition and do the necessary repairs.

Yes, absolutely. We are capable and ready to buy your home even if you are facing foreclosure. We can help you avoid foreclosure in just few days from the auction. Contact us right away so we can properly assess your situation and quickly determine how to help.

Just fill out the property information section informing us about the property you want to sell. The information about your property will be reviewed and analyzed directly by CashNvestors. We will then promptly contact you to arrange a time to answer a few more questions and view your property.

CashNvestors will buy houses, condos, townhouses, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings and different types of commercial properties.

Any offer you receive will be an amount discounted from the retail value of your house if it was fully renovated. We buy properties below market value for a small profit that lets us stay in business. However, we close quickly and PAY CASH.

Considerations include the condition of the house and the extent and cost of renovations required, the time required to complete the renovations, and the repaired value of the house when compared to houses in the same area. Also considered are the costs of insurance, utilities, taxes, loan payments incurred to buy the house, and maintenance costs while the house is being renovated and offered for sale.

No fee is ever charged by us to view and/or make an offer for your house.

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