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    I need someone to buy my home, now!

    Have you thought or said those words recently?

    If so, you’re not alone. Although the traditional real estate transaction process can work for some people, the system as it currently stands fails a large segment of homeowners who need to sell quickly. If you’re stressed out and you find yourself telling family, friends, or co-workers “I need someone to buy my house fast,” gambling on the whims of the housing market can be risky. 

    Who will buy my house?

    Even the best realtor cannot simply snap their fingers and make a buyer appear out of thin air. Sometimes, even a great house that’s been well maintained will sit on the market for months without so much as a nibble. And even if you do receive interest in the property, you can’t pressure a potential buyer by asking them “hey, can you buy my house today?”

    When it comes down to it, selling a house on the traditional real estate market is a process that features many variables which are totally out of your control.

    This is what makes CashNVestors such a valuable option for so many homeowners: the ability to retake control of your property sale.

    Will CashNVestors buy my house “as is”?

    YES. The whole purpose of the CashNVestors model is to allow homeowners in virtually any situation to sell their property as efficiently as possible, so that they can get the liquidity they need quickly. We don’t care about what condition the home is in — we will make a fair cash offer within a business day, so that you can begin to regain your power and sense of options during this process.


    Gabriel Barrientos & Alfonso Barrientos (Whittier, CA)

    “My brother and I just had my father pass away. And the property we had inherited was in probate. So we got in touch with the folks at CashNvestors. We had a talk over the phone we asked them some questions. At that point we felt comfortable with them and decided to move forward. They came to our property, did a visual inspection and offered a price right on the spot to buy our inherited property as is.”

    Maria R. Mchenry (Perris, CA)

    “I was in the process of loosing my home. I had a sale date coming up in a few weeks. I exercised all of my options. I was under water with my property. So I got in touch with the people from CashNvestors were very nice, knowledgeable and they treated me with a ton of respect, they told me that I have a few options. So I got a really good offer from them and moved forward with selling my property to CashNvestors.”

    Teresa Fernandez (Carson, CA)

    “The people at CashNvestors reached out to me when I was in the process of selling my property. My house had an illegal addition and no lender would finance my property to the new buyer. So CashNvestors came and offered me a CASH that offer I couldn’t refuse. Thank you CashNvestors for making this process very smooth. I’ve referred CashNvestors to my friends and family.”

    I want to sell my house, but the
    property is in probate!

    No problem. The team at CashNVestors specializes in distressed properties (including foreclosure), as well as properties that are currently tied up in the probate or inheritance process. We’ll handle the headaches, so that you can focus on the big picture and gain flexibility by getting cash fast.

    Do I need to know how to sell
    my house myself?

    No. Selling your property with CashNVestors does not mean acting as your own real estate agent or dealing with things like listings and showings. We will handle the process from A to Z once you accept our cash offer for your property.

    Great! Will you buy my home right now? How do I get started?
    We’re ready to begin the process of buying your home for cash right now, today. All you have to do is fill out one of the forms on our website or give us a call, and we will begin the appraisal process immediately.

    At CashNVestors, we understand and respect the fact that time is of the essence. It’s our job and our goal to complete the sale process quickly so you get access to the funds you need. Contact us today!

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