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    Who We Are

    CashNvestors is a locally operated business founded in 2014, with over 35 years of combined real estate and home buying experience. We help homeowners throughout Southern California sell their house fast, hassle free and get the best cash offer possible. We are easy to work with and have a proven track record of making fair cash offers.

    Our team has been involved in real estate individually for several years. As it happened, we started CashNvestors after we got involved in a large real estate transaction and through various trials we were introduced to the darker, ugly side of this business of buying houses. It was through this transaction and these trials that we met and neither of us were content to move forward with the status quo and decided to do something about it.

    Even if we tried planning the formation of this team, we know it was not in our control – we know that God brought us together and the timing was perfect for us to join as a group. We have enjoyed immediate success, which has been much greater than the success we enjoyed as individuals, primarily due to the strengths and experiences we each bring to the group.

    During the process of picking a name, we had a vision for choosing “CashNvestors” – fortunately, the name and everything we needed for it was available starting from the LLC, to the domain name, the phone number 844-CASHNVESTORS, literally everything. So all the puzzle pieces came together.

    Our Goals

    We genuinely enjoy buying “fixer-upper” properties, fixing them up and selling them to families and blessing them with a home they can raise a family in. We strive not to ever skip corners, even if it means making a lesser profit.

    Our Vision

    The vision we have for this company is to grow CashNvestors to a national brand while focusing on our personal beliefs as the core of our business model. As we conduct various projects, we are seeking to grow in and with that particular city and see the fruits of our labors in the years to come.

    Why Choose Us?

    CashNvestors buys all types of homes including those that are difficult to sell for various reasons. We pay cash to purchase these homes from their owners, rehab them, and then sell these homes to investors or buyers, or rent them to tenants.

    In doing so, we’re home buyers who help the owners get out of their housing situation so they can finally move on, and we provide outstanding opportunities for renters and first time home buyers while dramatically improving neighborhoods throughout the process.

    If you are looking to sell your house to the most trusted company, CashNvestors is ready to buy your house now. We buy houses throughout California.

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